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Energy Audit

There are many more reasons than just saving money to get an energy audit. An energy audit helps you find out where your heating and cooling dollars are going, and what steps you can take to help improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. 

First and foremost is a way of ensuring safety; focusing on 3 areas, gas and exhaust leakage and elevated levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer, because it is odorless colorless tasteless and non-irritating.

One important element of a home audit is conducting a combusted safety test period this test is done to heating equipment to identify gas leakage, carbon monoxide levels, and exhaust linkage. Any exposed gas pipes are also tested to assure there are no cracks is that would result in gas leakage. The exhaust is also tested to identify the carbon monoxide levels. The moisture in the house is tested to ensure there is no mold that would compromise the health of the homeowners and guests. These tests come along with a recommendation on how to reduce production of carbon monoxide and other safety precautions to ensure there is no gas leakage. 

Saving money is another great reason to get an energy audit. Rising energy costs and easy access to modern and efficient systems available today. At home energy audit will identify what areas love your home are wasting energy and help to reduce your overall energy bill. And upgrading your home to the latest energy saving materials such as cool roofing, double pane windows, high efficiency air conditioning and heating , and solar are ways that we can all help to save the environment for the future generations.


Upgrading with today's products not only save money on energy but they also improve the comfort within your home. The energy audit can reveal any crevices, gaps, or openings that caused air to escape or to get in causing the home to be uncomfortable. The leaks may be the reason why the homeowner finds the heating and cooling system inefficient in winter and summer. We can provide recommendations on how to seal the air leaks as a first step towards ensuring comfort of your home. Installation of proper installation will also ensure that energy is not lost, and the comfort of the home is maintained.

Reduce before you Produce!

At Professional Home Improvement, we truly believe in solar as a home improvement project that actually pays you back, as well as help you do your part to save the environment.  Firsthand experience in the solar market, a little-known dirty secret, is that many sales people are paid for the number of panels they sell you, regardless of it being best for the homeowner. We take a different approach; we look at all of the energy wasters such as air leakage through windows and doors, lack of proper attic insulation, the dark roof, and outdated heating ventilation water heating systems. Once evaluated, we can consider options to replace with energy efficient windows, heating and cooling systems, Title 24 Roofing Material, and increased attic insulation. Once we have lowered the home consumption of energy, we can properly size the solar system to the energy efficient home.

Infrared image of a home's energy loss though various areas

Infrared image of a home's energy loss though various areas