Can the right thermostat save you money?

Remember the days the thermostat had an on or off switch? Today, thermostats fall into 3 categories, 1) the original one with a simple on & off switch, 2) programmable thermostat's and 3) smart thermostats. What most people don't know is how much of a difference a thermostat can have on the performance and energy efficiency of your heating air conditioning equipment. Let us help you choose the correct one to save you the most money.

On-Off Non Programable

If you are like me, I was intrigued by the silver mercury sliding back and forth when the dial was turned up or down. They are not exactly accurate, and it is old technology.

Programable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are designed to adjust the temperature according to settings that you could program to take effect throughout the day. After heating or cooling losses as the difference in temperature increases or decreases throughout the day. Programmable thermostats allow these losses to be reduced allowing the temperature difference to change at times when the amount of heating or cooling would be more favorable. For example, during cold season, programmable thermostats Could be set to allow the temperature to rise when no one is home, and warm it up prior to homeowners coming home. This would allow the home to be at the proper temperature when people get home and save energy during the day when no one is home.

One major benefit of this is that many utility companies charge for peak power during the middle of the day and lower utility rates in the evening. At the same time during the warmer seasons, you can program your air conditioning to turn on prior to coming home from work and not being on if no one is home during the day. 

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat uses a schedule to control the home throughout the day. The smart thermostats of today are connected to the Internet and can be changed easily on or off using a smart phone. Some thermostats, such as the nest I have at my home will learn the habits of when I want to home to be cooler or warmer. A major benefit on the smart thermostat is that I know if I am going home early, often I will use my smart phone to adjust the temperature to be comfortable when I get home.

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