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About Us

Knowledgeable Experts

We are seasoned veterans in the home performance field with experts in windows, solar, HVAC, and roofing. We have many clean energy financing plans available.

Save The Environment

Reduce your carbon footprint by installing your own solar power plant, and reduce the amount of energy your home needs to operate.

About Us

Use our team of experts to help diagnose energy savings options

Home Energy Audits For The Bay Area

At Professional Home Improvement, we believe in Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency go hand in hand. Out of control rising energy costs and easy access to modern and the
Energy Star® Rated systems that are available today, makes it easier than ever before to save energy. A home energy audit will identify what areas of your home are wasting energy and help to reduce your overall energy bill.
Upgrading your home to the latest energy saving materials such as GAF Timberline® HD Reflector Series™ Shingle Roofing; Anlin Catalina Infinit-e Plus™ Windows; Trane® High Efficiency HVAC, and Solar Energy Systems are ways we can all help to save the environment for future generations.
Upgrading with today's products not only save money and energy, but they also improve the comfort within your home. The energy audit can reveal any crevices, gaps, or openings that might cause air to escape or to get in causing the home to be uncomfortable. The leaks may be the reason why the homeowner finds the heating and cooling system inefficient in winter and summer.
Professional Home Improvement can provide recommendations on how to seal the air leaks as a first step towards ensuring comfort of your home . Installation of proper insulation will also ensure that energy is not lost and the comfort of the home is maintained.

At Professional Home Improvement, we believe in Solar Energy Systems as a home improvement project that actually pays you back, as well as help you do your part to save the environment. Firsthand experience in the solar market, a little-known dirty secret, is that many salespeople are paid by the number of panels they sell you, regardless of it being best for the homeowner.

Reduce your energy costs and bring new light to your home.

Get An Energy Audit For Your Home Today

There are many more reasons than just saving money to get an energy audit. Using a qualified energy consultant, we will help you find out where your Heating and Cooling dollar$ are going and what energy savings steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient.

Discover our different approach to your project

At Professional Home Improvement, we take a different approach; we look at all of the energy wasters such as air leakage through windows and doors, lack of proper attic insulation, a dark colored heat absorbing roof, and/or outdated HVAC systems. Once evaluated, we look at energy conservation products. 
Many of the products on the market today qualify for tax rebates and the Federal Tax Credit (also known as the ITC - Investment Tax Credit) when going solar. 
Once we have lowered the consumption of energy, we can properly size a solar system.

Consider PACE for Energy Efficient Financing

Finance your Energy Efficiency Upgrades with a PACE Loan. PACE loans will require zero out of pocket and will cover 100% of the eligible home upgrades. PACE loans are available through Renew Financial, PACE Funding, Ygrene Energy Fund, and Renovate America, and are available in many areas.


Check what our clients say about us

Great to have one company be able to handle BOTH a new roof and solar system. Of the quotes we received, their price was reasonable, but their ability to install the roof and solar in less than 3 weeks was an added bonus.

David M.

Los Altos, CA

We chose Home Pro because they could do both a solar system and a backup battery for our home. Working on a steel roof is not something many roofers wanted to do, and they got it done!

Becky K.

Burlingame, CA

Thank you for the great job. Turnaround time was quick, solar and roofing crews were clean and neat. Purchased both new energy efficient roof and solar system. No more rolling black outs...

Andy K.

San Mateo, CA

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