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Founded in 2006, Butler Construction focused on general construction and remodeling in the Central Valley in Northern California.  With millions of homes now in the age of needing upgrades, the decision was made to shift our focus to Home Improvements. 

In 2019, we re-branded ourselves as “Home Pro, Professional Home Improvement” with the focus of upgrading homes to become more energy efficient for replacement windows, roofing, and solar. We are a roofing contractor with seasoned executives with over 100 years of combined industry experience from Major Companies such as Bosch Solar Energy, Sears Home Improvement, PetersenDean Roofing, Renovate America, Real Goods Solar, managing the day to day operations.  

With new modern Energy Efficient and Energy Star® products available, the days energy wasting single pane windows, low efficiency furnaces and air conditioning, and homes with little to no home insulation, are over.  

We believe we are different, by taking a comprehensive approach to make your home more comfortable, more beautiful, and more energy efficient. We start with a basic energy audit, look for where energy is flying out the windows (pun intended), or escaping through your attic and roof. We evaluate your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) System and your ductwork for heat or cooling loss. And we evaluate your home for solar, one of the most cost-effective home improvements on the market. 

In addition we offer a variety of financing options, from traditional 6-12 months same as cash, 5-7-12 year fixed rate options, PACE financing options for terms of 5-30 years (NOT based on credit score), and Cash, PPA, and Lease options for going solar. 

Professional Home Improvements is proud to partner with Industry Product Leaders; Certified GAF Roofing Installers, Anlin Windows and Doors (A California Company dedicated to building products for California, in California, with California labor), Lennox & Trane HVAC, Hanwa Q-Cells, LG and Panasonic Solar Panels and Solar Edge and Enphase Inverters.  

We have offices in the Bay Area and Central Valley to serve you. 

Energy Efficiency For Northern California

Energy Efficiency For Northern California 


Bay Area And Central Valley Contractor

The Benefits of Working With A General Contractor

Wikipedia™ defines a general contractor as a construction expert who is responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment and services necessary for the construction of the project. A general contractor often hires specialized subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work to complete your home improvement or new construction project successfully. Whether you're looking for roofing, solar, windows, HVAC, or a brand-new home, Professional Home Improvement can take care of all of the work necessary.  

One Major benefit of hiring Professional Home Improvement is the vast network of Professional, Reliable, and Quality subcontractors working with them. We have done the research and background checks on our subcontractors, including verification of Workman’s Compensation, Liability Insurance. This is where Professional Home Improvement’s vast experience, we have tremendous experience and knowledge of who the “best of the best” are in the industry, what the best products are, and are able to secure lower pricing than the general public.  

The General Contractor takes care of all the necessary parts of the construction process including obtaining required permits, purchasing materials, scheduling inspectors, hiring and overseeing subcontractors so the job is done to your satisfaction.  

A few people might ask, “why hire a general contractor if all they do is hire subcontractors to do the work”. You are hiring a general contractor because of their expertise in the field , their ability to get the best pricing, their knowledge of the quality contractors in your area , and their organizational skills to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Think of your Company's last Christmas party , where your company hired an event planner to take care of all the details of the project. The event planner coordinated the music, the food, the bar, the location, the invitations, and organized the entire event. The Planner did not make the food, pour the drinks, own the location, and thankfully, did not get up and sing karaoke (especially if it was me as I cannot sing).  

When taking on multiple projects such as solar plus roofing or roofing, attic insulation and windows, Professional Home Improvements can take care of one proposal all projects versus the need to get specialty contractors for each phase of the project, and then managing and coordinating the work to be done. With limited time today, many people cannot take the time necessary to do the research on all of the individual specialty contractors, and then manage all of the aspects of the project.   

Professional Home Improvement can also Look at the project as a whole, especially with a focus on energy conservation and are able to make suggestions as to where the best values are for energy efficiency . We are also up to date on the available incentive programs, especially the (Federal Tax Credit) that goes along with solar energy products. For example, property owners are not fully aware that the investment tax credit of 30% Energy products expires at the end of 2019 and reduces after that.   

Our Consultants at Professional Home Improvement have seen the inexperience too many times. When  Professional Home Improvement’s consultants help homeowners really compare proposals that have been given to them and explain the many differences between the contractors other than the money. For example, in windows, there are quality windows with double lifetime warranties installed by select installers, and there are budget windows, usually those sold at the big box stores. Looking at just the bottom line numbers and not taking the time to understand what goes into a quality window such as the Anlin Catalina, property owners cannot see the MAJOR differences between a quality window installed by a Certified Installer, and a budget window used in new construction homes or rental (where a low budget is usually the norm).   

Let's Meet Up

When Professional Home Improvement’s Consultants meet with homeowners, they do a thorough analysis of the needs and goals of the property owners, and are able to design the appropriate solution, and discuss options. If necessary, we are able to provide various financing options. Many times, we are able to offer multiple product discounts, and pass through any manufacture promotions that take place throughout the year.