Anlin Windows Upgrade Why You Should Upgrade to Anlin Windows

Why Anlin Windows Are Worthwhile Window Upgrades

Most window frames are made of either wood or aluminum. These materials permit air to flow into the home, bringing noise and heat loss with it. Upgrading to a set of vinyl Anlin windows would be a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. And, they’ll even help keep your place quiet.


Aluminum and wooden frames change according to the weather, shrinking in the cold or expanding in the heat. This makes it easy for sounds to make it through. Window replacements could help you find a bit more peace and quiet while you’re home. The vinyl frames are completely air-tight, and they’ll never expand due to the weather. As such, sounds hardly bother people who have them installed in their home.


Since Anlin windows don’t expand or contract, they’ll last a lot longer. Their higher strength rating means it’ll take a lot more force to crack them. Therefore, unless something major happens, you’ll never see a crack.

Energy Efficiency

Your windows are responsible for up to 30% of the heating costs at home. Better windows, such as Anlin, would minimize what you’ll pay. The vinyl frames have air pockets, ensuring heat doesn’t transfer so easily. Plus, since the windows are glazed with spacers between the panes, much less heat penetrates them. Thus, saving you a ton on your heating bill. Even cooling won’t cost as much. Not to mention, with triple-fin weather-stripping, your windows will have superior performance. Weather shouldn’t ever be a problem.

Double Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty is already pretty great. Yet, with these windows, you’ll have a double lifetime warranty. Not only will you be covered if something happens to your windows, but the next owner will also. Double lifetime warranties allow you to transfer the warranty after selling the home. Thus, boosting your property values.

Anlin windows offer plenty of benefits. If you’re looking to upgrade your windows, reach out to us at Home Pro, Professional Home Improvement.

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