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Efficient, Reliable, Sustainable Energy Storage

SunPower Equinox System | Installed by Local Sun Power Dealer | Partner with the SunVault Storage System. The SunPower Solar Advantage: Solar Panels that do more with less space and combine the SunPower panels with SunVault Storage

The Tesla Powerwall is a cutting-edge energy storage solution designed to provide reliable and sustainable power for homes and businesses. It integrates seamlessly with solar panels to store excess energy generated during the day, making it available for use at night or during power outages. 

With its sleek design and advanced lithium-ion battery technology, Tesla Powerwall offers homeowners the ability to reduce their dependence on the grid, lower energy costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Additionally, its intelligent software optimizes energy use and maximizes savings by automatically shifting consumption to times when electricity is cheaper. 

Benefits of installing the Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is revolutionizing the way we think about energy consumption and storage. It’s easy to install and scalable to meet varying energy needs.

Energy Independence
By storing energy generated from solar panels or the grid, the Powerwall allows homeowners to reduce their reliance on the traditional power grid, providing greater energy autonomy.

Cost Savings
The Powerwall helps lower electricity bills by storing energy when it is cheaper or abundant and using it during peak times when electricity costs are higher.

Backup Power
During power outages, the Powerwall provides a reliable backup power source, ensuring that essential appliances and systems continue to operate.

Environmental Impact
By maximizing the use of renewable energy, the Powerwall contributes to reducing carbon footprints and promotes a more sustainable lifestyle.

Smart Energy Management
The Powerwall’s intelligent software optimizes energy consumption by learning usage patterns and shifting loads to take advantage of lower electricity rates.

Remote Monitoring
Users can monitor and manage their energy usage in real-time via the Tesla mobile app, providing transparency and control over their energy consumption and storage.

Not only does The Tesla Powerwall provide practical benefits like cost savings and energy security but also supports a transition to greener, more sustainable energy solutions.

How does the Tesla Powerwall Work?

Energy Collection and Storage

Tesla Powerwall collects energy from solar panels or the grid. Solar panels generate excess energy during the day, which is stored in the Powerwall's lithium-ion battery.

Energy Management and Optimization

The Powerwall's intelligent software optimizes energy use by learning the household's energy usage patterns. It ensures that energy is used efficiently and cost-effectively, maximizing savings.

Energy Supply and Backup

In the event of a power outage, the Powerwall provides backup power, automatically switching to supply electricity to essential appliances and systems, ensuring continuous operation.

SunPower SunVault Storage Backup: Don’t Get Left in the Dark in Sunnyvale, CA

SunPower SunVault Storage Backup; time to prepare from blackouts

Our SunPower Equinox system + SunPower SunVault Storage System is the only complete home solar system that is designed and warranted by a single company. From the highest efficiency panels available to energy monitoring software, every component is designed to work together perfectly—from one company.

Get seamless backup power during an outage and the freedom to manage your energy as you see fit. SunPower SunVault Storage integrates seamlessly with SunPower solar systems, creating the only home solar + storage solution designed, installed and warranted by a single company. It’s a great way for Bay Area homeowners to better utilize solar system production, save money and keep prolonged PG&E outages from leaving them in the dark.

One of the biggest anxieties that potential and existing solar customers have is the fear of suddenly losing power when the sun goes down. On their own, solar panels have no method of storing energy for later use. There’s no need to worry about lost power when you have a SunVault™ battery back-up system!


1. SunVault Battery

Advance battery technology stores solar energy for maximum efficiency and allows more charge cycles than conventional storage systems. 

2. Hub+

Houses backed-up circuits and controls your solar + storage system for optimal performance and seamless transitions from utility power to battery power.

3. LED Panel

Provides up-to-date information about system status, energy use and in-app alerts.

Benefits of Installing the Sunpower Sunvault

Keep your lights on with solar and battery storage, even when PG&E’s grid fails or a planned blackout occurs. With the SunPower SunVault Storage System, you store electricity and backup critical loads such as your refrigerator, lights, and other essential features, all while keeping your solar energy system operating and producing power.

Protect yourself against high energy costs by storing/using electricity produced by your solar energy system at any time of day, avoiding time-of-use rate increases. Produce your own energy so you are not relying on the utility grid to power your home. Solar is a renewable resource that generates clean, green energy for your home. Help the planet (and your bank account) by switching to solar.

In optimal conditions and when paired with the efficient panels of the SunPower Equinox system, the SunVault™ can store enough solar energy to power your entire home for more than three continuous days. With SunVault’s easy-to-use app, you can control when and how that backup energy is used.

How SunPower SunVault Works

Charge With Solar

As your SunPower® Equinox™ system produces energy, it sends what you’re not using to SunVault™ Storage and/or sells it back to the grid.

Reduce Peak-Time Charges

Intelligent software monitors your solar, home energy use and utility rates to determine which power source to use—maximizing use of solar and reducing peak-time charges.

Backup Essentials

When the power goes out, SunVault™ Storage can provide seamless backup to power your essential appliances – such as keeping select lights on or running your refrigerator.

Industry-leading Warranty, All From A Single Company

SunPower Equinox System | Installed by Local Sun Power Dealer | Partner with the SunVault Storage System. The SunPower Solar Advantage: Solar Panels that do more with less space and combine the SunPower panels with SunVault Storage

Make the most of your SunPower® solar system’s industry-leading performance by pairing it with SunVault™ Storage. SunVault™ Storage and Helix® Storage offer simple, but powerful energy storage solutions for residential and commercial usage—helping you manage your energy use, reduce peak-time charges and maximize your use of solar.

Don’t let bad weather, rolling blackouts or unexpected outages put your life on hold. SunPower® solar and storage solutions can help.

By adding Tesla Powerwall or SunPower battery storage to your solar system, you can control how much energy is saved and when it’s used—so your lights can stay on, your phones can charge and your refrigerator can stay cold.

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SunPower Equinox System | Installed by Local Sun Power Dealer | Partner with the SunVault Storage System. The SunPower Solar Advantage: Solar Panels that do more with less space and combine the SunPower panels with SunVault Storage

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