Top Signs That You Need AC Repair

The air conditioner is one of the main appliances of the
home that is often used throughout the year, especially in warmer climates.
Unfortunately, there are times when it can fail to operate well and needs
attention. If you want to provide better care to your AC and also maintain your
comfort in the building, there are a few signs that the system needs repairs.

Inconsistent Cool Air

You may notice that some of the rooms don’t feel as cool as
the others as your air conditioner is in use throughout the day. Check to see
if the vents to certain rooms are closed, which can affect the airflow. If the
vents are open, you’ll need to hire a professional to perform an inspection to
diagnose the issue.

Warm Air

You may also notice that the air conditioner is blowing warm
air any time you turn it on, which can cause the internal temperature in the
building to start to increase. It can begin to feel hot and stuffy in the home
the longer it’s operating. An HVAC technician will need to repair the unit,
which may require replacing some of the parts.

This may be accompanied by a broken thermostat. The
thermostat may fail to read the correct temperature or cause the HVAC system to
turn off too quickly. 

A Lack of Air

You may have a lack of air that blows out the vents when you
turn on the AC. There may be cool air coming through the vents, but it may not
be enough to reduce the temperature in your home. This can cause the air
conditioner to work harder to cool the house, which leads to a higher energy
bill. This type of problem is often due to issues with the ducts and needs
immediate attention to prevent the problem from becoming more severe in the

Water Leaks

One of the most common signs that your AC needs attention is
if there are water or Freon leaks present. In many cases, a refrigerant leak
can be the cause of the problem. Many people don’t realize that Freon is
dangerous, which makes it necessary to immediately reach out to a professional
to have the problem repaired. Other times, the leak may be due to excess water
from a blocked or broken tube. You may even notice that ice has formed on the
inside of your air conditioner, specifically on the copper refrigerant lines.

Higher Energy Bills

If your energy bill starts to be a lot higher than normal for
more than one or two months, then it’s a sign that your AC needs to be
inspected by a technician. This means that the appliance is likely working too
hard to try and cool the home, which causes you to use more energy than normal
to maintain a consistent temperature in the building. This may be due to a
faulty or broken thermostat that needs to be replaced. It can also be due to
leaks in the air conditioner or due to the old age of your unit.

By knowing what to look for if you suspect your AC needs
repairs, it can be easier to maintain the system while staying cool indoors. A
professional technician will know what to inspect and can perform the repairs
quickly to restore the comfort of your home.

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