How to get Quality Roof Estimates in Sunnyvale?

Navigating the Roof Estimate Process

The Roof Estimate process can be daunting, and it’s common for people to approach it in the wrong way. People have read to get 3 bids and choose the middle one. Sometimes that works, but most of the time it does not. The biggest challenge is that the three contractors are not necessarily bidding the same product, the same installation type, or even the same materials. This discrepancy can significantly impact the accuracy and reliability of the roof estimate. Generally, people do not take the time required to do the homework on either the product’s, or the contractors (Check a license on CSLB) bidding on the job. Understandably, people are busy with their everyday lives, and do not have the time today to go through that process. Many times, homeowners just compare the numbers, without really understanding the depth of the project.

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Not all Roof Estimates are the Same

I recall a time when I was involved in quoting for a roofing project. The property owner had received three bids: one for wood shake, one for composition roofing, and one for lightweight tile. They were inclined towards the lowest cost option, which was composition roofing. Sensing the need for guidance, I asked if I could approach the situation from a consulting perspective rather than a sales one. After reviewing the bids together, I pointed out that they were essentially comparing apples to oranges to bananas. It was a revelation for them. I emphasized the importance of first determining whether they wanted an apple, an orange, or a banana. Once we clarified their preferences and understood the differences, they were better equipped to seek quotes for one specific product

But we had to take it a step further and understand the various types of contractors; the single guy in the truck (Chuck in the truck we call ‘em in the industry), the medium size company, or the big box or huge companies. Each one has their advantages…the important part is to understand the benefits of one over the other.

The biggest complaint with contractors, is a misunderstanding of the scope of the job, or miscommunication until it is too late. Reach out to Home Pro, a GAF Certified Roof Contractor.

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