Solar Battery Storage Why Californians Are Including Storage in Their New Solar System

Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery Storage is the way of the future, especially in sunny locals, such as California. Using solar panels for energy allows homeowners to power their home with solar energy instead of using traditional energy. This saves money on utility bills and helps the environment by not forcing the energy plant to put more pollutants into the air. However, there were certain limitations. Once the solar energy is used up, you are back to using traditional power. That’s why many Local Bay Area residents are including solar storage with their solar panels. Here are some more reasons why Californians are including storage in their new solar system.

Battery Storage helps in Wildfire areas.

Wildfires have been a serious concern in California recently. In fact, there were 31 fatalities in 2020 from California wildfires. When this happens near your home, it can affect your ability to access energy. Having your own solar power storage can get you through any power outages that occur due to wildfires.

Battery Storage prevents Utility Price Spike

Until you become a homeowner, you don’t truly understand how high utility bills get. California’s utility rates are already some of the highest in the country. These high prices have only increased recently, causing people to look into alternative options. Getting a storage system for your solar energy will allow you to use your solar power more and expensive energy less.

Battery Storage helps during Rolling Blackouts

Rolling blackouts have been a problem in California for some time. When this happens, you need an alternative source of energy, so hopefully you will have your solar power stored for just such an occasion.

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