Heat Pump Replacement Top 5 Signs That You Need to Have Your Heat Pump Inspected

As the winter months approach, making sure that your heat pump is in working condition should be your number one priority. Why is that the case? Essentially, there are two reasons for the urgency. One includes the fact that calling a heat pump service in the middle of winter is going to be very expensive, and the second includes the inconvenience your family will face without a working heat pump. However, avoiding those two things is only possible with the right knowledge. Thus the following includes five signs that your heat pump needs to be inspected. 

1. Random & Loud Noises

Perhaps the first thing that you’re likely to notice from your heat pump when it needs to be inspected are loud noises. Although not every sound means that you should call a heat pump service, In fact, most HVAC systems will make some noise when they are starting up. What you should be paying attention to are those noises which are both random and loud. Often, homeowners will take a look at it themselves, but if you do not know what you’re looking at, it’s likely that you won’t find the problem immediately, if ever. Thus it is recommended to call in a heat pump water heater service company to have a proper inspection done on your heat pump. 

2. Sudden Increase in Your Energy Bill

The one thing that a homeowner is always focused on are their monthly bills. Although an increase is expected during the winter months, you may already have an idea of just how much that is supposed to be. But what if that increase is a clear and sudden spike in what you normally pay? First, we need to look at the old debate of a heat pump vs. air conditioning and how most homeowners will choose the former to save money. So, when that decision is not paying off, the decision of obtaining a heat pump may not be the issue but rather something within it. In this case, it is important that you schedule a service call before your energy bills increase further. 

3. Constant Use of the Heat Pump

Your heating pump should never be running constantly. Although there are some days where you may use it more than others, heat pump professionals do not recommend that you use it if there is moderate weather. If you have been using it constantly, it is highly recommended that you take the time to call for a service check as soon as possible. Things such as your filter and other components may already be showing some wear and tear and could potentially become even bigger, more expensive problems in the future if they are not serviced. 

4. Insufficient Airflow

If you’re turning on your heat pump and noticing that there seems to be an insufficient amount of air flow coming through the vents, you may have a serious issue on your hand. However, by having your heat pump inspected on time, you may be able to get that repaired before it becomes too cold within your location. 

5. Funny Smell in the Air

If you ever catch a whiff of something odd in the air, your heat pump may be the cause of it. Musty or rotten smells could be an indication that there is a dead animal stuck in your unit, while a burning smell means that there is a serious problem with the unit. In both cases, it is important that you consult with a professional as these two issues can be both harmful to your unit and dangerous to the rest of your family. 

If you’re looking to make sure that your home’s nice and warm this winter, having an inspection done on your heat pump is highly encouraged. However, that can only happen if you know the signs of a heat pump that needs attention. Thus homeowners are encouraged to utilize the information above before the winter season begins. 

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